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Tales from the Library

John Lonsdale

A writer of urban fantasy books

London Abstract

Book 3 in the Rachel Minos saga

Rachel’s world is thrown into confusion with the tragic death of a friend. Given no time to grieve, she is confronted with the startling truth behind the fate of the mysterious Empyrean’s. As Rachel races to save her friends, is she strong enough to prevail or will she be the consumed by the flames of the One Truth?

Due out
December 2021 - January 2022

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Book 2 in the Rachel Minos saga

It starts with unexpected encounter from her past, a return trip to her hometown and a desperate plea for help from a missing person.

Rachel Minos finds herself drawn into a race against time, pursuing members of an extremist organisation as she attempts to foil their murderous plot.

Unravelling the truth about her own past, her strange abilities and the three mysterious organisations, she realises that everything is not as it seems within the shadow world.

  • Can Rachel thwart the horrific conspiracy?

  • With the three organisations edging closer to conflict, will she be drawn into their struggle and be forced to choose a side?

  • Are Hannah and Alex truly her friends. Do they have her best interests at heart or do they have their own sinister agendas?

  • With the powerful forces continuing to grow within her, does she have time to master them, or will they overwhelm and conquer Rachel Minos?

So unfolds the story Minos Lineage.

E-book and paper back now on sale

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Book 1 in the Rachel Minos saga

A modern fantasy novel. 

For four years she has been trapped within Barry’s web of deceit.  Once an aspiring career woman, Rachel was manipulated into an abusive relationship and isolated from friends and family. Now she languishes as a virtual prisoner in their dismal north Camden apartment


On a damp winter’s night Rachel finally acknowledges the true desperation of her situation. As she contemplates ending her life, to escape the deteriorating cycle of abuse, Rachel is presented with the opportunity to escape her confinement and seizes upon it. She could never suspect the reality of the journey she was embarking upon.

Tumbling into a London she has been segregated from, Rachel finds herself inexplicably hunted by factions whose agendas she can only guess at, encountering characters who inhabit the capital’s shadows, before stumbling into an unexpected place of sanctuary. Here, the illusion of her humdrum childhood is shattered as she is forced to embrace the daunting gifts her parents have bequeathed to her.

Suffering the emotional fallout of her relationship with Barry, she struggles to differentiate between friends and foes, as she uncovers the truth of why she has become the hunted.

So begins the story ‘Minos Rising’, the first story in the ‘Rachel Minos Saga’.

E-book and paper back now on sale

at Amazon

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Tales from the Library

Tiny tales in two parts

A collection of ninety-five tiny tales that are told in two distinct parts.


These stories come together to form an exciting new Science Fiction / Fantasy novel spanning space and time. 


“Pulling our cloaks tighter against the encroaching cold, the scholar began to tell us the first of the wondrous tales she had learned from the Library.”

Tales from the Library is a collection of ninety-five tiny tales, each of told in an unusual two-part format.

“He is enjoying driving in these conditions as much as I enjoyed my one and only attempt at being a trapeze artist, back when I was undercover at Hall’s circus, working the Big Top murder case.”

These ‘Tiny tales in two parts’ are short stories chronicling the adventures of an unlikely group of protagonists.

“Numerous salivating mouths desperately gasped the stale air as it laboriously manoeuvred into its elevated position.”


Whilst at the dark edges of their world, adversaries play out centuries-long games of strategy in which humanity is just an unwitting pawn.

“Deep inside the approaching warheads, the arming processes will have commenced.”

Different stories, from different times – together they make up the Tales from the Library…



In mid-2017, I started a small online weekly publication called 3T or Tiny Tales in Two parts. I had an idea about creating a collection of short stories, each one divided into two sections. I hoped this format would allow me to play around with different styles of writing and explore alternate methods of telling each tale. The final online story was published in August 2019 and by then I had already decided, with some encouragement, to turn the collection into the novel Tales from the Library.


In the early part of 2020, I had begun to develop the Minos Saga. But, like so many in that disrupted year, I become distracted as the pandemic arrived. It was the death of a close personal friend that spurred me back to the keyboard and Book 1, 'Minos Rising', was published in February 2021. Within its pages I attempted to highlight a number of social issues, as well create an interesting alternate modern world for people to immerse themselves in. I hope it succeeds in both.

I am now hard at work on Book 2 of the Saga, 'Minos Lineage' and plan to publish that later in 2021.



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