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Tales from the Library

Tiny tales in two parts

A collection of ninety-five tiny tales that are told in two distinct parts.


These stories come together to form an exciting new Science Fiction / Fantasy novel spanning space and time. 


“Pulling our cloaks tighter against the encroaching cold, the scholar began to tell us the first of the wondrous tales she had learned from the Library.”

Tales from the Library is a collection of ninety-five tiny tales, each of told in an unusual two-part format.

“He is enjoying driving in these conditions as much as I enjoyed my one and only attempt at being a trapeze artist, back when I was undercover at Hall’s circus, working the Big Top murder case.”

These ‘Tiny tales in two parts’ are short stories chronicling the adventures of an unlikely group of protagonists.

“Numerous salivating mouths desperately gasped the stale air as it laboriously manoeuvred into its elevated position.”


Whilst at the dark edges of their world, adversaries play out centuries-long games of strategy in which humanity is just an unwitting pawn.

“Deep inside the approaching warheads, the arming processes will have commenced.”

Different stories, from different times – together they make up the Tales from the Library…



Born in 1965, I left school aged 18 to help run a play by mail fantasy game in London. After a brief spell with the Inland Revenue I moved into IT taking roles as; desktop support, Server Architect, Programme management, Account management and finally EMEA Sales management. Before retiring from full time employment.

Having been a GM in RPG’s since the late seventies, I often toyed with concepts that would never work in a traditional tabletop environment. It is those story lines that I wanted to commit to paper and share with the world.

Leaving full time employment I started writing short stories. Those grew into ‘Tiny tales in two parts’ and finally developed my first novel ‘Tales from the Library’.



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